Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome to the Club

Changing the blog to invited readers feels so silly to me.  It reminds me of high school and the Myspace craze.  Everyone would occasionally write "blogs" on their pages (usually some emotional rant).  Most often, they were public in order to conjure as much attention as possible, but there were also private and selected permission settings, too.

Granted, this is because of our job, but the feeling is there, regardless.

Today was almost as productive as it should have been and completely uninteresting.  I paid bills and finished the bookings and travel guide I put together for Mom's visit.  Ian finished his lesson plans.  But, we failed to clean the apartment.  So, we'll be doing it in stages during the week.  It might actually be better this way, as it's more likely the apartment will stay really clean for Mom's arrival.

We saw Shutter Island tonight with Ben.  I think this film is worth writing a review of, so I plan to gather my thoughts, jot down some notes and do just that on Tuesday.  Tomorrow's post will likely be largely focused on our meeting with Julia.  Ian has no idea what to expect from Julia.  This week was a living hell for him.  She rode him all day everyday, changed her mind about every instruction she gave him several times over and then proceeded to tell him that now he was working too hard.  And she laughed.  O that woman's hateful laugh.

Here's to a week with less scandal, but a plenitude of fascinating things for you to read about.

Or, at least, here's hoping.

Good night!


  1. NOTE: I sent one of the invites to Ian's email, just to see exactly what it was. If signing up for a Google account is an issue, please let me know. You've got 30 days and I think you can have a Google account with any email address. But, I understand if it's just not something you want to do. I want this change to be temporary, especially if it turns out to be a hassle for people.

  2. I did not have to do anything, but then I have a google account.

    Here's to hoping "you know who" gets put on meds or something. Hope you week goes well.

  3. congratulations! You managed to get me to finally set up an account so I could comment. =)

    I should've done this a while ago