Friday, April 9, 2010

A Take Out Kind of Night

Ian had a terrible day.  Julia's been riding him all week, but today it truly came to a head.  She sat him down before classes and had a lengthy chat with him.  She covered the basics, how disappointing he is as an employee, how bored his students are in his classes, the complaints she gets everyday and how Yoon's is no longer the number one school thanks to him.  Then she topped it off by telling him that I am doing much better.  That last part is completely contrary to anything she's ever said before.  Considering she's blamed me for the downfall of the Sinback campus, I don't think it's worth putting any weight in anything she says.

Ian's principle, Mrs. Choi, sat in his first two classes and Julia sat in his last four.  She took notes and marked down the time he spent on each lesson.  She's having him write out minute by minute lesson plans and turn them in before his classes so that she can approve them.  So, there she sat, in each class, making notes about how Ian's time frame listed on his plans didn't perfectly match real life.

Long story short, Ian's exhausted.  He picked up some bibimbap and kimbap from Kimbap Heaven for dinner.  As my students would say, it's delicious.

Sorry the photo is dark.  Tin foil is a pain.  Everything is wrapped up very tight.

Yachae (veggie) kimbap and pickled radish.

Bibimbap, pre-mix up.

Post mix, but sans egg which I gave to Ian.  Trust me, it tastes good even though it looks like that.

Good night!

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  1. So sorry to hear Ian had a rough day. Julia truly is peach!
    Can't wait till I get there to try bibimbap, it does look good. Have a good weekend you two!