Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pushing Forward

Especially considering yesterday, today was very normal and low key.  I only had four classes, so I used my extra time to make the lesson plans that Julia wants to see.
 My Beginner 2 (top) and Essential 2 materials.  My worksheets and homework assignments are in the plastic folders.  The only real difference is the written lesson plan.  

Making the lesson plans fit Julia's scheme was actually a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.  These plans are designed for Ian, who doesn't use books for the majority of his classes.  I had to make my books fit the three tiered plan.  I don't mind making these plans.  I'm a habitual list maker, so this type of activity isn't as tedious to me as it might be to someone else.  But, I worry that Julia will find a problem and make me do it over until it's exactly what she wants.  From experience, I know that it could be upwards of ten times.  Also, Julia mostly focuses on the time count (see the side of the sheet).  Every class is different, so I tend to play that part by ear.  But, Julia is obsessed with "wasted time."  I hope my model comes close to matching most of my classes.

Gene was at Sinback today, sitting in on my classes.  He said he thinks he's been demoted because he told Julia and David that he's quitting.  She told him that he must either leave at the end of this week or this month.  He hasn't decided yet, but he's very tempted to quit on Friday.  He didn't actually stay in my classes much.  He came in and watched for about a third of each, then left to fill out the check list.  My classes are pretty consistent (even from level to level), so I'm guessing he got bored and just filled in what he figured about each of my classes.  I'm pretty sure I can count on his grading of my classes to be in my favor.  I'm a little surprised Julia has sent him to assess me.  Granted, Julia is very tunnel visioned; so I doubt she actually realizes that anyone has a problem with her aside from Ian and I.

While Gene was at Sinback, we bought our plane tickets for Jeju-do.  We're taking Mom there.  I suppose it will be a bit of a Mother's Day holiday since she'll leave just before then.  Now, I feel comfortable booking our rooms and moving forward with those plans.  It's nice to have something else to plan.  Obviously, it isn't a pleasant sensation to have your possible termination hung over your head.

Ian said Julia was in a very good mood today.  He ran around making worksheet after worksheet and she was polite and even nice to him.  Julia finally has the employees she hoped for.  Opinion-less drones who are nothing but an extension of her will in the classroom.  Ian and I thought we'd be good at this job because we have ideas for the kids' educations; but it's better to be an empty vessel if you're choosing to teach in South Korea.  Julia's good mood is a reflection of her finally having us where she wants us.  I don't mean that we're doing what she asks.  Truly we've been trying to do that all along.  I mean we're running scared, constantly thinking about what Julia would do or how she would think of our behavior at any given moment.  There's no room for thoughts of our own and that's exactly why she's pleased.

But, our contracts only have four months left.  I have no problem with keeping my head down until we're out.  I still can't shake the worry that they'll terminate us just before we cross the finish line, but there's nothing to be done about that.  If we quit preemptively, we'd lose out on several months' salary.  So, we'll keep moving forward until there's nowhere left to go.

Good night!

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