Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today was a very nice day, indeed.  We got up a little before 9 and talked with Ian's folks and Alena for nearly four hours.  We just cycled through people.  It was very nice to catch up and see everyone, since we don't get to talk to them often.

By the time we were showered and ready for the day, it was nearly 3pm.  We hadn't eaten anything, so we decided to splurge and go to Mr. Pizza.  Then we saw the movie The Crazies.  It's a remake of a 1970s horror film about a town whose water supply gets poisoned by a biological weapon.  This is one film I highly recommend.  Even if you're not a horror fan.  The Crazies stays away from cheap shock and gross out shots (there's very little gore) and focuses mostly on psychological trauma.  The cinematography reflects the era of the original, sharp and edgy.  The general texture of the film leaves the viewer simultaneously uncomfortable and completely absorbed.  The smart story and skillful execution make for a very stressful (in the good way) and enjoyable movie experience.

We wandered into one of the Daiso-like stores downtown after the movie and I bought a little Totoro character.

He's from a 1988 Japanese anime called My Neighbor Totoro.  He's not a rabbit and the character in the movie isn't yellow, but you get the picture.  It's actually a cell phone charm, but I like him on my purse.  Men and women alike have charms (sometimes rather large ones) on their phones here.

From My Neighbor Totoro or Tonari no Totoro (in Japanese), which we will be watching tonight.  Neither of us have actually seen the movie.

Good night!


  1. My Neighbor Totoro is so good! You have to see it! Cat Bus is really weird and it has balls. You'll see what I'm talking about. It is a cute movie with not too much plot. Just a little adventure of two sisters and these crazy mystical beings. I want a Totoro!

  2. Alright, Chelsea, we'll send you one. :) Is your address on your facebook? There are black, red, silver, and (maybe, if they restock) yellow. I totally saw his balls and exclaimed about them during the movie. Ian didn't believe me. I totally loved the movie, but then we read this disturbing rumor on the internet about the totoros actually being a reference to Japanese death gods and the whole film being a reference to this tragic murder of a little girl that lead to her sister's suicide... Anyway, the director said it's semi-autobiographical, so it has nothing to do with the creepy murder story. On a much happier note, I love that Totoro flies on a top and the little Totoros have the cutest feet.