Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mom's Photos

I know you've all been looking forward to seeing Mom's photos.  Since we uploaded photos to disc today, I have a folder of them to share with you.

Mom took a video of one of my classes today, so I'll post that tomorrow.  Julia decided that Ian and I will switch classes on Friday, so that should be interesting.  Ian's system is completely different than mine.  We used to teach the same classes, but the Goam system was completely reworked two months ago.  Ian doesn't even use books.  He just makes lesson plans based on the Korean English teachers' classes.  It's going to be a rough day for me.

In random and tragic news, there was a double murder in Jecheon today.  A man killed his wife and daughter.  Last I heard, he hadn't been apprehended.

Now on to Mom's photos, starting in Cambodia and ending in Seoul, Gyeongbuk Palace.

Angkor Wat and Siem Reap: 

Tonal Sap Lake:

Hotel staff:

Cooking class:

Silk factory:

Mom's tuk-tuk driver, Vutha:
Mom jet lagged at the hostel in Seoul:
Seoul and Gyeongbuk Palace:

These two girls work at the palace.

Good night!


  1. The pictures are just breath taking. I went through them so fast and greedy ... now I have to go through them slowly and appreciate them individually. Cari - you did an amazing job with the photography. So happy to see you made it safe and sound.

  2. Thanks Lori,
    I am having such a experience, Cambodia is a wonderful place. And Korea is interesting, these kids are stronger than I ever imagined they could be. It is sureal to see them go about daily living in a country where I can't understand the langauge , they just fit in with the flow. Casey speaks the laungauge fairly well, it is impressive

  3. Beautiful photo's - I think the one with the little boy in the red shirt standing by the boat is seriously Nat. Geo. quality .... why don't you submit it and see, it's as good as any I've seen there - they have a photos of the month section etc. I felt the same way Lori did gobbled them up and went back over slowly, they are REALLY good ....I mean it. Thanks so much for posting them Casey and you sharing them Cari xox Wendy

  4. P.S. The "me" comment before was actually my mom.