Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Very Short Update

My apologies.  I don't have much energy for writing tonight.

Ian had the most terrible day.  It's 9:40pm and he's not home yet.  Most likely, he hasn't even left the campus.  Julia rode him all day.  Everything he did was wrong.  He'd change something to her specifications, and it would still be wrong in some other way.  She is the master of contradicting herself.  Ian also caught a glimpse of Gene's grading sheets for his classes.  If he saw correctly, he's getting 50s and 60s.  Not the 80s that we need.  Maybe I was wrong to assume about Gene.  I'll have more details when he gets home.  I'll be sure to fill you in tomorrow.

My day went by as usual.  It's so odd.  No one came to watch my classes.  No one paid any more attention to me than they usually do.  When I gave my lesson plans for today and tomorrow to Chun wha (as Julia instructed me to do), she looked a little confused and politely smiled.  Do they have any idea what's going on?   Is this "termination" frenzy one of Julia's whims that she doesn't communicate to anyone outside her everyday circle?  Why was Julia happy yesterday and furious today?

I've had enough thinking about this for one day.  Things aren't looking good.  Good night.

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