Friday, April 23, 2010


Today was a good, but slow, day.  Julia treated Ian with a little respect today; you might even say she was polite.  This of course made Ian nervous so he hunted the internet to see if our positions were posted for new applicants.

My day was very productive.  During my 4:30 hour I have no class, so I sat down and made all (but one) of my lesson plans for next week.  I didn't do my Fluent 1 plan because I leave the book at the Haso campus.  But that class isn't until Thursday anyway.  Now I am free to play all weekend, which is a good feeling indeed.

Tomorrow we are hopping on a very early bus to meet Mom in Seoul.  We have to get up a little before 5 and we still have several things to accomplish before we can go to bed.  So, I will be cutting this post short.  There will probably not be a post tomorrow night, as we'll be in a hostel.  Perhaps I'll write a short update from Mom's iTouch.  But, unless we simply get back too late on Sunday, I plan to upload the numerous photos I will inevitably take over the weekend.

I'm so excited!

Good night!

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