Monday, April 5, 2010

And Korea Gets a Little Stranger

All Korean media is a little strange.  Their sense of humor doesn't easily mesh with a Westerner's.  But, the commercials really take the cake.  I've posted a few before, but this Qook/KT (cell phone company) commercial is the king of the bizarre for several reasons.

I have no idea if this use of his likeness is legal or not.  My guess is that it isn't.  Korea doesn't really take foreigners seriously (just look at K-Pop's record of ripping off Western artists).

On another strange and humorous note, check out this English faux pax that occurred on a popular "reality" show that follows Korean pop stars (click on the link, it's very crude, but hilarious when you remember it aired on regular television).  I have many students who use their electronic dictionaries as an excuse to not study and cut corners.  I try to warn them that dictionaries are "crazy."  Maybe I should show them this screen cap.

Ian and I had average days.  Our meeting with Gene consisted of him putting Jeju plane tickets on hold for us, so at least it was worthwhile.  Then we invited him to have lunch with us.  Kimbap Heaven was closed, so we went to Bon Juk instead.  I had the pumpkin again; it'll be tough for me to try another since I love that one so much.  We asked Gene what his plans are for after Yoon's.  He doesn't know what he'll do for work, but he's going to go to China for a week or so.  His sister lives in Beijing.

Ian is having some trouble with Julia.  Only about 10% of his students turn in their essay homework.  She has decided to blame Ian for this.  First, she asked Gene to double check his grading of the essays.  Today, she told Gene to check to make sure Ian is actually assigning them.  The problem certainly couldn't lie with Julia's precious student base.

The news that Mom is coming to visit is spreading like wildfire through my campuses.  I mentioned it to Eun wha one night when she was driving me home.  All of the other teachers have now asked me about it and today my students started asking.  Her arrival is eagerly anticipated.

Good night!

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  1. That was hilarious. Some things just do not translate well. I am sure they do not have the rights to the "happy little trees" guy. I am so excited to come visit. It is strange that I am a topic of conversation around the school.