Thursday, July 1, 2010


Thursday is very rough and I am exhausted.  It's my longest day, as the first class starts at 2 and the last ends at 8:40.  I have a couple of breaks, which I used to work on our guide for our summer trip.  It's going to be a big packet and when all is said and done I'll have probably put over 20 hours into it.  I'm excited, though.  I found some vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh, including a vegan pho restaurant.

Danny and Montana were at the Haso campus with Ian today.  Danny was sitting in on Ian's classes, but Montana didn't really have a purpose there.  Maybe he is required to go wherever Danny goes.  They do live together, after all.  It seems that Danny will be taking over the Haso campus once we're gone.

I'm no expert in Korean law, but as far as I know only native speakers of English (only those holding documents from countries like the USA, UK, Australia, etc) are supposed to be teaching conversational classes.  For a hagwon to be operating legally, there must be an hour of classroom time with a foreigner for every hour of classroom time with a Korean English teacher.  Yoon's system is already a little different than most of the others (with the tapes and everything), so I'm not sure if they are within the lines of the law there or not.  I also know that many places hire Filipino teachers and that seems to be legal.

Danny was born in Korea and his parents relocated to the states when he was very young.  He is a Korean citizen; and though he speaks very little Korean, Yoon's currently has him teaching the grammar classes that are designed for Korean teachers.  I'm not sure whether his citizenship makes him an illegal conversation teacher or not, but I will be looking into it.  I've nothing against Danny, but I'm after anything I can find against Yoon's.

It seems that my replacement might be lined up as well.  I haven't met or seen her, but Yoon's hired a Korean-Canadian named Maria recently.  I think the company has had its fill of white people, since the foreigners they are bringing in are Korean by heritage.

I couldn't be happier to be leaving rigid homogeneity behind.

Good night!


  1. I wonder if Asia or the company she worked for would be able to give you the laws and guidelines for Hagwons. I am sure they are outside the parameters of the law. After all they did not register you guys correctly, and the powers to be had to come looking for it. I know this is exhausting but don't give up, it is important to future foreigners in Korea.

  2. there are vegetarian restaurants in Siem Reap also. I wanted to go, but it never worked out.