Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Beginning of the "Lasts"

Today was our last Thursday with Yoon's.  Thursdays' hold the dreaded Basic B27, so I'm happy to say goodbye.

Rahee told me that she called the National Pension Scheme and found that she and her mother are registered as "self employed."  She did some further hunting and found that all of Jecheon Yoon's employees are registered as self employed.  I haven't yet been successful in my hunt for legal help, but I don't intend to let this fight go just because we've gone home.  I will contact the NPS (and whomever else necessary) and do my damnedest to get this company held accountable for something.

Julia was at Goam for about a half an hour today during one of my classes, but she was hold up in Mrs. Choi's office in a meeting with her the entire time.  I only saw her on my way to make copies a few times.

This weekend is packed full.  On Saturday we are going to the East Sea with Chun wha and Chang Su (I'm excited!).  Then Sunday we will be cleaning, packing and seeing some of the teachers (at least Ben and Amy).

Good night!

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  1. I will be willing to help you make phone calls or what ever else you need help with to help bring Yoon's down.
    Have fun this weekend, and know that you have a few really good relationships with people to take from this. Being there has helped you in your quest to get healthy and fit, by forcing you to be resourceful in cooking meals and you have learned to like healthy vegetables that maybe you would not have tried at home. Ok, so I am reaching a little, but there is truth in that.
    Please take lots of photos this weekend, and take some of Chun Wha and Chang Su. Be sure to say hello form me, as I have said before they are great people, and that is how you should remember Korea.