Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun with Korean Snacks

We found a few new products of interest at Lotte Mart.

Dick Stick!  They come in three flavors: fried chicken, bulgogi and (these) sesame seed.

We bought a three pack of gum because it was on sale.  We opened it while we were waiting for a taxi in the dark.  Because it was dark, we couldn't see the packages very well.  Figuring we'd save the peppermint looking one for last, we tried the Acacia first, it tasted like a cross between liquid dish detergent and perfumed lotion geared toward the elderly.  Then we tried the Sunkist Mangosteen; it tasted a bit like flat Fanta, but it wasn't terrible.  Last was the silver package.  It is the most terrible thing I've ever tasted, very akin to laundry detergent.  It wasn't until we got home that I realized it had a "no smoking" symbol on it.  I'm guessing that means it's nicotine gum.  Gross.

Good night!


  1. To funny. Good thing the gum tasted horrible or you would have had a nicotine rush then a major headache.

    The Dick sticks are hilarious, I wonder if they meant Dip stick?

  2. Hey, it coulda been heroin gum...