Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ugly Bread

I made some banana zucchini bread tonight.  I had intended this loaf to be a goodbye gift to Chun wha and her family.  But, I overfilled the pan and it got a little too fat.

Luckily, I made two loaves worth of batter.  So, we'll bring the ugly loaf over to Ben and Amy's on Thursday and I'll give the (hopefully) better looking one to Chun wha.

Tomorrow will be the last official post on Everybody Jecheon Tonight.  As requested, I'll recap the good experiences we've had and share some of my favorite photos.  On Thursday, I'll open the blog and make it 'public' once again.

Good night!


  1. First of all, I think the bread looks great. It has character.

    Second, I will so miss this blog. It has become my daily routine. I request that your last post be very very , very long.

    I am glad you are making it public again. I think it will be more than a little helpful for those coming to Korea. As I have mentioned in the past I really think you should write a informational book regarding being a ESL teacher in Korea, and being a expat in Korea. Don't think there is much out there in the way of that. After all you already have a great start to such a thing with this blog. I will keep pushing you to do it!

  2. Wow, you're almost off on your next great adventure. I'm so excited for you for the trip you'll be taking. (Just got the itinerary, thanks.)