Monday, July 12, 2010

Eggplant Parmesan Mini Cutlets Over Greens

Instead of closing the circuit of negativity that's going around here and continuing to tell you faithful readers how crappy Ian and I feel, I thought I'd post our fabulous dinner.  After all, we'll be out of here soon and I'm trying so hard to move forward and feel good again.


The eggplant and greens recipes can be found on the Jen Goes to College blog that I recently started following.  In the background you can see Ian's cinnamon-sugar apples.  He doesn't use any oil of butter, but just lets the apples get juicy in a frying pan with the seasonings.

Good night!


  1. That looks absolutely delicious. I have some eggplant so I will try this, only I will try using nutritional yeast and cut the Parmesan in half.

    By the way, your photo of the plate is very good

  2. Went to website, and your eggplant looks much better than Jen's does, so does your photo.

  3. Umm, that looks amazing, and I'm super jealous. I can't get good cheese in general, and even if I could, I don't have a refrigerator.

  4. Thanks, Mom. I think I overexposed the photo a bit.

    Andrea- It's totally just Kraft powdered parmesan. There's no real cheese here. :)

  5. I just got eggplant at the store to make later in the week! Thanks for giving Ben a good 1st experience now he'll eat it when I make it : )