Monday, July 5, 2010

Trip Planning

Planning for a vacation is equal parts stressful and fun.  In the guide that I'm putting together (so that we can plan our days as we go without being tied to a computer) I've made it as far as Prague, the fourth city out of our nine (not including the night we'll spend in Bangkok).  It's incredibly tedious, but I'm so looking forward to getting out of here and leaving this job behind.

I asked Montana for a copy of Yoon's pension records in regards to our paychecks.  He said that he had spoken to Julia and that he'd give me the paperwork tomorrow.  We shall see.

Two of my classes were really rowdy and obnoxious today.  I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, they are just kids after all, but the students at the Goam campus are so spoiled and bratty it's just unforgivable.  They're rude, packed full of self righteous expectations and to them, as we're foreigners, we are the help and nothing more.  I have less patience, tolerance and energy with each passing day.

I just hope I can make it another two weeks without cracking.

Good night!

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  1. Before my trip to Cambodia and Korea, I had no idea what it took to plan a huge trip like that. I can only imagine what planning goes into going to several countries. But it is so much fun also. I am excited for you guys.

    Don't (I know you won't) let yoon's off the hook in producing the papers you have requested. If need be you could go to their equal of the IRS.

    And finally, you will make it through with flying colors!