Monday, July 12, 2010

A New (and Sadly Short-lived) Tradition

Though we didn't go running in the park today because the weather was too unpredictable, we still met Ben and Amy for dinner over at their place, as we've done for the past few weeks.  I never remember to take pictures of our get-togethers because we have too good a time.

Amy cooked cubed potatoes for a DIY potato salad (a fabulous idea which I am totally stealing).  Ian and I brought greens (spinach and baby bok choy) and parmesan crusted eggplant.  It was great.  After dinner, we went to a new gelato place that opened down the block, went for a walk to the airstrip and then came back to their apartment and watched Leatherheads.

We will be very sad to leave Ben and Amy behind.  Their friendship has been one of the few positives about our time here in Korea.  They are looking in to Portland as a possibility for when they come back to the states (at the end of December).  I think we've convinced them to come visit shortly after their return even if they choose not to move to the city.

I looked up the Oregon Humane Society today and I'm very excited about the volunteer opportunities they have.  There's a group of people who take some of the dogs running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I can't wait to get back into that.  There's been a big hole in my life for the last year.

Good night!


  1. I am so happy that you have great friends like Ben and Amy, and I am sure you will remain friends forever, even if you live hundreds of miles from each other.

    perhaps the humane society has a employment opportunity for you, such as a technical writer , or a writer in some capacity? After All I know how much you love sentence structure!

  2. thats seriously been a highlight of our weekend is our Sunday get-togethers, we're going to dearly miss that, BUT... i think we should start it up again when we move to Portland : )