Friday, February 19, 2010

New Schedule Disaster

Gene gave me Ian's new schedule today.  The Goam changes take place in a week, so I'm glad we have a little warning.  The schedule is still preliminary, but it's not looking good.  To refresh your memory regarding what's happening over at the Goam campus, check out my previous post on it.

Here's a rundown of Ian's new schedule.

On Monday his first class starts at 2pm and his last class begins at 8pm (with no classes filling the 5 and 6 o'clock hours).  Classes are now 40 minutes long with only 5 minutes in between.  Tuesday and Wednesday classes begin at 2:45pm with the last class on Tuesday beginning at 5:45pm and the last one on Wednesday at 8pm with no classes in the 5:45 or 6:30 timeslots (so he is to teach for 2hr and 40min, sit for an hour and a half, then teach for an hour and a half and go home).  Thursdays begin at 3:30 and the last class is at 8pm.

Fridays are a whole different animal.  Ian's coworker, Rahee (Korean who lived in Spain) thought Ian and I might not have classes on Fridays, so we had our fingers cautiously crossed.  But, indeed, we do.  We will be seeing the students who are only taught by English teacher's in their homes on Fridays.  So, we'll have to have a whole different set of lesson plans for them.  Friday classes begin at 2:45 with the last class at 8pm.

Sound chaotic and confusing?  We think so, too.  Not to mention that Ian and I will have different schedules, just to add a little difficulty to our work lives which have been thus far filled with a level of joy and normalcy that is obviously too much for Julia's standards.  

We're going to talk to Gene and try to have our sanity considered in the schedule.  I don't know how much control we have, though.  Weigh in, if you want, and tell us what you think we should do.

On the bright side, I mentioned to Gene that Ian and I will want/need a couple of days off in April when Mom comes and he didn't seem negative about it.  It just might happen.

Good night! 

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  1. wow, that seems completely unorganized. I would definitely make my thoughts be known. It can't hurt, and they just might listen. hang in there.