Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Plan for Wednesday Posts

As I mentioned last week, I was planning to start using Wednesdays to write on a news topic.  But, as Wednesdays are the night that Lost becomes available to watch, I think I'm going to push newsy posts to Friday and leave Wednesday for anecdotal things.

Speaking of anecdotal, Chun wha just called and asked Ian and I out for a drink.  Unfortunately, Ian and I already ordered our Wednesday night pizza.  I hate saying no to things, I always worry that they'll stop inviting us.  Here's hoping there's actually a next time.  We love that family.

Our delicious lunch:  faux chicken (seasoned tofu) quesadillas and mexi-veggies.  Ian calls the faux chicken "fo-kin."  As in, "That's so fo-kin good!"

Tomorrow we'll post about our tteokguk soup makings.  Then, on Friday night, we'll leave for Busan.  So, there won't be a post until Monday because we're packing light.

Good night!


  1. HAHAHA!!! my fav SNL of all times... Sofa King! LOL! thanks for the laugh! enjoy Busan can't wait to see pics.

  2. Don't forget to post the recipe for the soup.
    Maybe you guys could ask Chun Wha and her husband out.
    Have fun in Busan. Take lots of photos