Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Wind Down

We used today to clean our apartment and do our weekly grocery shopping.  We've learned that when you eat mostly fresh food, you have to grocery shop more frequently.  It took a little adjusting, but we've gotten pretty good at it.

Things are looking pretty dead these days at the local farms in our neighborhood.  I wonder when you're supposed to plant peppers.  Some of the plots have been recently tilled.

We got some dried pineapple at EMart.  It's a little pricey, but delicious.

We couldn't ice trays, so we bought chocolate molds.

Now our ice cubes will be adorable.

Rainbow dduk (rice cake).  One of the many sweet varieties.  This one's alright, but I prefer the yellow kind we bought last week.

This one was on sale and after trying a sample of it, I decided to get it.  It's a little strange.  The powder coating is peanuty with the slightest (I mean really slight) hint of spice.

We met Ben and Amy later for frozen yogurt downtown.  The yogurt itself is good, but the topping choices are disappointing and they give you very little.  We got cereal, kiwi and banana this time.  I really like the kiwi with the yogurt.  The four of us stayed at the yogurt shop for over three hours eating our treats and chatting.  Ben and Amy spent the beginning of the day hiking in Danyang.  I'd like to get out there, but maybe we'll wait until it's not so icy.  I guess Ben hit the ground pretty hard.  That can really take the fun out of the trek.

Here's hoping for a continuation of the slightly warmer, sunny days we've been having.  Good night!

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  1. yum, the pineapple looks wonderful, but I am confused on just what the "on sale" item you purchased is.

    It will be exciting when your farmers markets start to open in the spring. You speak enough of the language to be able to shop them.