Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New and Exciting Things

That title's a bit misleading.  There are a few new things going on in our lives and a few exciting things.  Not all of them are both.

Upon Rob's suggestion, Ian and I made iced coffee this morning.  Well, we actually made it for lunch.  It's not a good idea to dose yourself with caffeine before a workout.  And, yes, that is a jar.

Things are moving and changing at Sinback.  I'm not sure why, since the curriculum supposedly doesn't change until May.  These beauties are hanging out in me "office."  So, while I wrote report cards, students came in and obnoxiously popped bubbles.  Shooing does not work with these kids, you really just have to shove them out the door sometimes, mean as it sounds.

My classroom has changed, too.  In case you forgot, there used to be four tables in an open ended rectangle.  The kids rock these desks forward no matter how I plead them not to.  Two younger students came crashing out of them today.  At least I don't have cameras (yet).  Ian's had cameras installed in his classroom at Goam.  Unfortunately, they don't respect us enough to give us a heads up, so we don't know where they're streaming to or who's watching.  If we ever find out, I'll post a url so that you can have some laughs.

EMart has a halfway decent selection of teas now.  We bought a rooibus (Twinings) and a peppermint (EMart brand).  I was starving when I got home from work, so I made myself a cup of the peppermint (I didn't want to snack before dinner).  It's not bad, but it's pretty weak and skimpy on the cold draw that I like mint tea to pack.

Hardly filled teabag.  I should have photographed it dry.

On Thursday, Ian and I will be making vegetarian tteokguk (ricecake soup) for dinner.  It's the traditional dish for ringing in the New Year (Seollal).  We're leaving after work on Friday with Gene (his family is there) to head to Busan, so it will be our only chance to make it.  I'll be sure to take photos and tell you know how it turns out.

Good night!


  1. It is nice you are participating in the culture. The rice soup sounds good, I would like the recipe. Are you driving to Busan with Gene, then taking the train home? Where are you staying in Busan? I would love to watch the video stream of your and Ian's classes, here's to hoping you discover the URL

  2. We'll definitely post the URL if we get it. Then you can see how lazy we are. :) I'll be sure to post the rice cake soup recipe tomorrow when we make it. We're driving with Gene right after work on Friday and then we're taking the bus home. There won't be any blog posts from Friday until our Monday night. And, Monday's might be a blip because we'll be tired. :)