Friday, February 26, 2010

Ian, Meet Daniel

Or, at least that's what Julia would have said if she was at all a normal person.

Instead, Daniel introduced himself to Ian as Julia got on the phone as soon as she walk through the Janrak door. He's a forty something Korean-American from Busan by way of L.A.  He came to the campus today to interview and took one of Ian's classes as part of that process.

Ian talked to him about Yoon's and it's chaotic nature (as this is it's first year).  He used Julia's drop off (without a word to Ian) as an example of this.  Though, Ian assured him, the school does pay well, on time, and there are few surprises in the schedule.

Daniel's last school was pretty terrible.  He actually had to sue to get paid and they never furnished his apartment.  So, perhaps Yoon's could be a step up for him.

He had a job offer in Busan, but he turned it down as they offered money for housing instead of setting it up for him.  He figured he'd have more offers, but he hasn't.  He's considering taking te job at Yoon's (where his job description would be more like the Korean teachers' than ours, though his Korean is elementary at best).  Jecheon's lack of culture is both a pro and a con for him, he'd have less to do, but he'd be saving more money.  He and Ian talked about the transportation to Seoul and other places.

I don't know when we'll find out more about Daniel.  We'll probably have to infer his employment standing by whether we (Ian) ever see him again.  I mean, no one even told us they were hiring.

The meeting this morning with Julia was stressful as expected.  She didn't listen and continuously explained the Goam transition no matter what concern we raised.  I've started cutting her off.  I can't handle meetings that go on for three hours due to her ridiculous infantilization of us.  We still don't know exactly what's going on with Ian's new schedule (he starts Tuesday), but we did find out that our requested two days off will be taken out of our paychecks; our contract doesn't say anything about requesting vacation, so we might just have to grin and bear that.  We haven't been guaranteed the time off, yet, either.  Oh, and Julia called me Cathy and wrote my name down as such in her notes.  Is it time to come home, yet?

It was Ian's last day at Janrak and an overall interesting one.  We saw a movie called "Chloe" tonight and I recommend it.

 Good night!


  1. Wow, I do not know how Julia makes it through a day. She seems completely clueless. A clueless micro manager, awesome!

    I feel bad that your requested 2 days off will be without pay. Don't cut yourselves short, we can do day trips and just stay close to home. Remember I am coming to see you guys, that is the most important thing to me.

  2. We know that, but with our working hours, it would really be best to have some time off. We want to go to Jeju with you, and without time off, we won't be able do. Don't worry, it won't be much of a loss.