Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ian!

Now that I'm feeling sick from overindulging in pizza and cake, it's time to share Ian's birthday with you.

The day started off well (I surprised Ian with pastry and Lorina's Pink Lemonade for breakfast).  But Ian's laptop fell off the bed and the system crashed.  It is now, as Ian affectionately calls it, a very expensive paperweight.  We're going to look into buying a Netbook.

Ian refreshes with the lemonade after his run.

He took the camera to work today and took pictures of the Goam happenings.

Ian's desk for now.  The new space will have a teacher's lounge area, but we don't know if there will be computers in it.

A better view.

Other side of Ian's office.

Beginnings of the new front desk.


Safe!  Keep in mind that this whole area is accessible to kids.

One of the classrooms.

Corner room with lots of windows.  Ian hopes this is his classroom.

Yoon's and GnB signs competing for attention.

I picked Ian's ice cream cake up from Baskin Robbins tonight after work.  We've learned our lesson and we'll never buy the pretty, tasteless cakes they have at Paris Baguette or Tous Les Jour again.  So, after stuffing our faces full of Pizza Hut pizza, we feasted on the sweet stuff.


It's time for Ian's creepy birthday face.

Ian's slice.  There was actually no cake in it.  The whole thing was made of ice cream and frosted with whipped cream and cookie pieces.  From bottom to top: it's chocolate, cherry, vanilla with cherry swirl and strawberry.  Though we were expecting some cake to be involved, it was very delicious.

Happy birthday to Danielle and Aunt Sherrie, too!  Good night!


  1. That cake looks delish! Ice cream cake would make any goam mayhem a silly memory. For a day at least.
    Happy birthday, Ian!

  2. I agree, the cake looks most delicious!Looks like you had a great Birthday, Ian. Bruce and I send our Birthday wishes your way. We love you mister!