Monday, February 15, 2010

Back in Jecheon

Our bus trip home was a lot shorter than we expected.  Considering it took Gene nearly seven hours to get to Busan, we were shocked to reach Jecheon tonight in just under four.  After a snafu with our Friday night hostel, the trip was great.  We were a lot lazier than usual, however, but we did see a lot of the city and we met some coll folks at the hostel (Indy House, I recommend it).  I have 257 photos to go through, so the real post will wait until tomorrow.

The weather was wonderful and I miss the sea air already.  I can't wait to go back; though that probably won't be until Mom comes.  That's okay, there's apparently an airport in Chunju and you can get a flight to Jeju Island for 60.000 won/person, so I assume it's even cheaper to fly into Busan.  That would allow us to spend a lot less time traveling to the city and give us more time to actually enjoy it.

One spot we skipped (we were going to check it out, but decided it be better to wait and see it with Mom, plus we wanted to give it more time than we had) was Geumjeong Fortress.  It's a castle with a large protective wall along a mountain.  There's a Buddhist temple at the bottom.  According to a fellow traveler, you can easily spend a whole day there.  I look forward to seeing it in spring.

I'll tell you all about what we did do tomorrow.  Good night!


  1. I am excited to hear all about it. The hostel looks fun. I referred to my itouch and 60 thousand won is about$53. Is that correct?

    Nice to have you back!

  2. I just typed in Jecheon on google earth and got a close up of the city, with locations of restaurants, it was written in Korean, but very cool