Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ian's Early Birthday Fun

Ian's not the best at suspense, so he wanted to open his gifts as soon as her received them.

Mom's boxes came first.

Stuffed full!

 Pinto bean spillage.  Don't worry, none were lost.

Valentines candy, beans and lentils, spices, veggie wash, notepads and erasers (a family tradition), body scrub, Arches Magazine (a UPS grad necessity) and Zicam and vitamin E.

Ian's present was in it's own Mickey box.  But, he didn't want to wait for the 24th.  He didn't even want to wait for me to take the picture!

He totally digs it; and it suits him really well.  Maybe not in his swim trunks, though.

Rob and Danie's box came yesterday.  The delivery people actually stopped as as we were walking back from the gym.  They had tried to deliver but, as I mentioned, we weren't home.  So, we signed and they opened the van and gave it to us.  I guess being a foreigner can be useful sometimes.

Transformers wrapping!  We hung a little piece on our card window (of course, the cards from you guys got hung up, too).

Again with the no waiting.  What is it?

New rockin' jeans.  Maybe Ian's taking the rocking part a little too literally.  Then again, maybe not.

Snack crackers, licorice (red AND black), Jelly Bellies (including some "beanboozled" ones featuring flavors like vomit and rotten egg), good magazines, Ian's new jeans and what we believe to be a note in code from Grant.  Or Audrey. 

Thank you so much!  Ian is ecstatic over his gifts and the food stuffs (healthy and junky) help make us feel normal.  Love you guys.

We've found a couple strange Valentine heart candies that I thought might be worth sharing:

"Don't tell."

Congenital heart defect?

Good night!


  1. Glad you liked everything. That is Vitamin D not E. Liquid sunshine.

  2. Oops. I didn't catch that when I reread it last night. I keep calling it D on accident, I know what it is, though. :)