Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tofu Sandwiches

We eat them quite often.  They're good for you in many ways and they are delicious, but they are a bit high in calories.  Our food choices here are limited because of our lack of kitchen amenities and the limited selection at the grocery stores.  E-Mart will be a welcome commodity in our lives.  It's opening will be a wonderful Thanksgiving Day present to us.

Last night Julia emailed us asking if we would include her in our morning lesson plans.  She wanted to either come to our apartment or have us meet her at Ha So at 11.  I emailed her back, thanking her for her concern and willingness to help us, but said that we would be doing our lesson plans early in the morning and then continuing our routine.  I told her that we valued her input, but that we also value our free time.  She didn't even write the email herself.  We're pretty sure that she has her son translate them and then send them to us. It was written in very formal business English, but it wasn't perfect, so it read a little condescending, for example, they closed the email with "I do appreciate it when you cooperate."

Julia was at Ha So when I got there today.  She was talking to Chun wha as usual.  I'm pretty sure that Julia has ended any chance we had at a relationship with that family.  Julia told me that she did not recieve my email until noon today because she went to bed after she emailed me.  I suppose she assumed that we would automatically comply, so she didn't bother to check her email this morning, either.  I did help her understand a letter from a school in India stating that one of the Ha So teacher's children had been placed on academic probation.  I suppose not all Korean kids are perfect students.  Later in the day she sat in my Essential 1 class.  I got lucky and she didn't interfere and she actually had some positive things to say afterward along with her ridiculous suggestions.  She is taking over my Essential 1 tomorrow even though I told her I'd rather teach it, as it has some important grammar lessons in it.  But, she ignored me and will be fulfilling her English teacher fantasy with my Essential 1 class.  Then she is observing the same level on Monday.  I'm not sure why she's obsessing over this class, since she never fills us in on anything.

Ian and I decided today that working here as foreigners for Julia is like being a woman in the work place in the mid 20th century.

Ian met an English teacher who is new to Jecheon before he went into work today.  Ian saw him yesterday and the guy came up to him and introduced himself (Ian doesn't remember his name, but says, "Don't feel bad mysterious stranger, I'm just bad at names.").  Then he said that he had read our blog before moving here.  Ian hadn't brought it up, the guy just recognized him from pictures.  We're famous.

I'm going to finish my tofu (or tubu in Korean) sandwich now.  Good night!

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  1. Hey before you get to big, will you sign an autogragh? I do appreciate it when you cooperate. Tofu is high in calories, but it is also very very nutrutious, it is one of the best things you can eat. And you are eating it in its unadulterated state, not in a modified one, like say Bocca Burgers, which is not so good for you.
    Hopefully Julia will not come between a relationship with you guys and Chun Wha. That would be to bad.
    Where is this new expat going to be working in Jecheon? And where is he from? That is so cool that you guys are recognizable to strangers.