Friday, November 20, 2009

An Amusing way to End the Day

Julia taught my Essential 1 (my last class) today, despite my protests.  She did begin the class by lying to them and saying she was there because I said they were a bad class.  Way to randomly make me the bad guy, Julia.  It was pretty humorous watching her get more and more flustered as everything she said was met with blank stares.  I have no idea why she wanted to teach this class.  Any "teaching skill" she wanted to impart was overshadowed by her terrible English.  She had difficulty speaking in full sentences to the class, and she didn't help them with their grammar in any way.  On top of it all, she spelled the word "morning" wrong all over the board.  I felt pretty bad for my confused students, so I gave them all five stickers.

Since I sat at the tables with the students, I spent the class working with Joy (he's one of the best in the class) and getting him through Julia's conundrum of a lesson.  He took great joy in being finished first every time and I took great pleasure in Julia muttering "Yes, you've got a great teacher." after he'd repeated "Finished!" several times.

Though her class failed miserably, she still tried to give me advice after the students left.  She said that the students didn't do their homework because they didn't understand me.  She wanted me to remedy this by writing in all of their books (apparently circling their homework [if it's from their books] is not enough).  I told her that it would take a very long time to do that, but she continued instructing me as if I hadn't said anything.  So, I finally said "Sometimes the students just don't do their homework."  She left me alone after that, in fact, I didn't see her at all.

Early tomorrow morning we are off to go Christmas shopping.  It should be a blast.  We won't be doing any real sightseeing, but I'll be sure to post any interesting photos we take.

 Good night!

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  1. Wow, Julia, could you be more clueless? I think not.
    Have fun in Seoul tomorrow!