Friday, November 27, 2009


I took a lot of photos of our Thanksgiving shenanigans today, so I'll just post them!

Stylish! We bought masks to keep our faces warm when we run. We couldn't really breathe with them on, it turns out, so we took them off on lap three. So much for that; but, at least we look like ninjas!

The preschool we walk by on the way to the park was making quite a bit of noise this morning:

Ian was amused to find out that this church stone simply says "Immanuel."  The church is near the park.

The whole giant church.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was pretty great, Ian did a great job.  I wish I could have helped more, but with no oven and a one person sized kitchen, I'm pretty useless.  We brought the table in and ate like proper grown ups.

The set table.

Making a feast is difficult with only two burners.  There are to things cooking in each; tofurky and stuffing in one and sweet potatoes steaming over the boiling mashing potatoes in the other.

The tofurky and stuffing.

The finished products.  The tofurky tasted just like the brand name stuff, though the texture could have used some time in an oven to pull some of the moisture out of it.

Mashed potatoes and sugared sweet potatoes.  Isn't our serveware gorgeous?

Looks like a Thanksgiving plate to me!  Except... where's my fruit salad?!

Too full!  We're not used to eating hearty meals.  It was tough to finish my plate, but, I managed.

(faux) Ice cream and "leaf pie" for dessert, anyone?  We can't find the word for milk in the ice cream ingredients and it says it's a "mix" on the carton.  The leaf pies are from Paris Baguette, they're baked pie crust in a leaf shape and they're pretty yummy.

I hope you all have a wonderful and gluttonous holiday tomorrow.  I'm going to enjoy the parade that I am streaming now.  Good night!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, glad you both had a wonderful feast. I myself could not find Tofurkey yesterday. But I am making a wonderful vegetarian dressing using persimmons, and a great vegetarian mushroom gravy.
    Talk to you both on skype today . Love you both
    By the way love the masks

  2. What creative cooking! That's my clever son. Glad you had a good run, good meal, and got to see the parade.

    Maybe cut a few air holes in the masks? Is it really that cold?

    Hugs and love to you both. I'm thankful you're in our lives.