Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Blues

The holidays are upon us and I'm pretty bummed out about it.  At home, my favorite part of the holidays is the feeling of warmth and good cheer that is pervasive throughout our culture.  Well, obviously, there is a definite lack of it here.

Ian is doing his best to keep up the cheer.  He even has a Thanksgiving-ish dinner planned for tomorrow:  mashed potatoes, tofurky, veggie stuffing, veggie gravy and ice cream and a make shift sugared sweet potato dish for dessert.  We're going to start some of the prep tonight, which (to be honest) I am not looking forward to.  But, I can see how it might make me feel better.

I'll be watching the parade tomorrow at around 11pm my time.  The EarthCam website that is streaming it won't have any of the commentary that NBC does.  While that makes most people thrilled, I am one of the few people who actually enjoys it.  I have a few other websites that I will be checking, so maybe one of them will feature the NBC broadcast.

Here's one of my favorite moments from last year's parade:

Well, that's about all I've got for today; it was all pretty average.  Good night!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving you two. We will be thinking of you all day tomorrow. What time do you want to skype tomorrow?
    I think it is great, and it will help to lift spirits, to make a thanksgiving for yourselves. It also reminds me to pick up a Tofurkey today.
    Love you both

  2. Um, well I don't know what time you will be eating dinner and stuff. 8am is 3pm your time and so on. I think Ian still wants to go running, so let me know when would be good.

  3. What about 3pm? OR 3:30
    Oh and we got your package today. Like your letter. Love you

  4. Gosh, Casey, I think you're the only person I know who has actually watched the Macy's parade.

    I think your dinner sounds pretty cool. I hope it turns out tasty and brings you comforts of home.