Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Packages!  (That's what the title says.)

Today started out as a good day.  We didn't have a meeting with Julia, so we went downtown to the post office to run errands.  They didn't have our packages, but we had to mail a couple of things anyway.  We didn't have our meeting with Julia today because we are having performance evaluations from 2pm-5pm on Sunday.  That should be a blast.

After the post office we went to Dunkin for some warm beverages.  It's freezing!

Koreans are tiny.  Just kidding, Ian got espresso.  It was a little burnt.

I got chrysanthemum tea and a chocolate donut.  Chrysanthemum tea confuses me, as the plant is poisonous.  It tastes a bit like chamomile, floral.


Ian got a lentil curry croquet.  It looks gross here, but I tried a bite and it was quite good.  It made us decide to go for Indian when we're in Seoul on Saturday.

Julia showed up at Ian's campus today.  I'll let him give you a synopsis of what she had to say:

"Julia wanted to let me know that she was hiring a "supervisor" so that she could lighten her work load.  What I really think she meant was that the Seoul Office decided that her English was not good enough to communicate with us.  I was also informed that Casey and I have fewer students returning than Julia would like.  About an 80% average between the four schools.  So, I informed her that we recieved no training at all and that the books we are using are "test" books, we are the only Yoon's that has them.  She just smiled and said, "Yes." over and over again.  She seems to want us to do well, but at the same time she doesn't bother to tell us anything that is helpful.  I'm actually hoping that the guy she is hiring, whom I had the pleasure of meeting today, is put on staff.  He actually speaks English and seems quite nice.  If anything I really just want her to either tell us what we need to do and how to do it, or leave us the hell alone."

The rest of the day was fine.  It was great to come home to mail.  I picked up the packages from the "guard room" and fumbled with them up to our apuhtuh.

The packages and I wait for Ian to get home.  It's tough not to accidentally read the "insurance" write up on the outside of them.  We like to be surprised.

Ian wasted no time when he got home.  We opened the one from Andrea first.  I forgot to take a picture of the packaging she used.  It was some sort of shredded paper and it was a bit epic.

Behold, the death of our weight loss goals!  Pinto beans, black beans, lentils, Tapatio, an apologetic replacement note, five (!) Cadbury bars, Dots, Mike and Ikes, Scooby Fruit Snacks, and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  My dear, you know us so well.  Too well, maybe.  We each ate two cookies upon opening, by the way.

I really like Tapatio, but, maybe not that much.

Next, we dug into the package from Mom.

It's like Christmas. :)

Mom didn't use much packaging, so the immediate view was impressive.


Scarecrow, Christmas lights, Christmas socks, chocolate oranges, chocolate orange body scrub, candy canes, stickers, Arches magazine, a note, a cranberry orange candle, two to-go mugs, a door hanging, and an ornament.  Totally epic.

Out of the Barn candles make Ian happy.

The notes from the two packages were strikingly similar.

Using the giant lighter to light the candle.


I hope you all have great Tuesdays.  Good night!


  1. Are chocolate oranges already for sale? Oh my gosh, gonna have to go out and get me one today!
    Yay for packages! (At least you actually get yours...)

  2. Hope the changes at the school are good. If not, at least you have chocolate oranges and other goodies to ease the pain. :)

  3. Wow, that package got there fast. I am impressed. Don't leave your candle burning when you are not home. (yes, I know but I had to say it). I sent you Arches because I thought you may enjoy it, but because I think you should send a article in about what you are doing after graduation. I bet a lot of students would love the blog. Anyway just a motherly nudge. You and Ian enjoy your loot, but it looks like you will need to pace yourself. Hope the changes at the school are good ones. Have you ever discussed your situation with Asia?

  4. Chelsea- I'm so sorry about your package. That must have been a blow. :( What's your address?

    Judy- We do have a tendency to "medicate" with goodies here. Not so great for the weight goals, but it sure can make you feel better!

    Mom- The mail is surprisingly reliable! We won't leave the candle burning. I think I might send something into Arches. We will have to pace ourselves, unless we want to weigh 400 lbs. And, no, we've never talked to Asia about any of this. We don't know what we would say.

    And lastly, I can't believe I forgot to say "THANK YOU!!" for our wonderful packages. Seriously, we're totally spoiled. You guys are amazing.