Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Keeps Coming in the Mail

We got Rob and Danie's Christmas package in the mail today.  It actually came to our door while we were getting ready to go to the post office and get it.


A closer look at all those stamps.  It's Bob Hope!

Safety first!  This package has been the least jumbled of any of them so far.  You can hardly tell that anything has been shipped.  I'm quite impressed.

An explosion of amazingness!  The package was filled with Christmas joy.  There is instant gratification in the Thanksgiving drawing by Grant, The Stranger issue, Rolling Stone Magazine, Esquire Magazine, and handwarmers.  Our Christmas anticipation is being stirred by the decorations (a hanging, do-it-yourself Santa, Playmobile figurines, and a light up snowman whose droopy nose makes him super cute), the wrapped present and our stockings which dare us to think of opening them early by saying, "You are weak if you peak!" and "Santa's watching you."  The TJ's Candy Cane Joe-Joes (which I hear sell out at stores, so we're pretty damn lucky to have some in Korea!), soft gingersnaps, and Christmas vacation film will give us joy now and later.  So, this is the quintessential Christmas season package.  Thank you guys!  I'm so excited to decorate the apartment after Thanksgiving.

Today I met the man who has been hired to be our "supervisor."  He's about 30 and he's really nice.  He lives in Cheongju (the capital of the province), so this job is quite a commute for him.  His English is pretty good, but he doesn't seem to have much of an interest in kids, so I'm not sure why he took this job, to be honest.  But, it was nice to have an English speaker around.  He sat in every one of my classes today.  He drank about seven cups of coffee to stay awake.

A couple of people posted comments wanting more details about yesterday's meeting.  If you post specific questions, it'll be easier for me to know what to tell you.  All in all it was a very normal business meeting.  Julia (via Jennifer the translator) had mostly positive things to say, though the meeting was a little one sided.  So, what else would you like to know?

Good night!


  1. Those Trader Joe cookies are amazing, I'm rather jealous. I'm also jealous of The Stranger. We have The Reader here in Chicago, but the only part I really read is the movie reviews and the syndicated Savage Love column.

  2. Yay! I am so glad you got your package and are enjoying it! I wanted to tell you that Grant drew a little sun at the top of his turkey drawing in yellow crayon. It is really hard to see, but he was so proud of it since he did it all by himself.

    I am sure you guys are working on Thanksgiving, but do you have any plans to make dinner special?

  3. We haven't delved into the cookies, yet. We're saving them. The Stranger online is pretty decent.

    The little sun is so cute. Tell him we like it a lot. :) We are working on Thanksgiving. Maybe we'll make mashed potatoes and tofu or something. It's tough because we get home so late.