Saturday, November 7, 2009

Report Card Hell

I'm posting earlier (and shorter) than usual because I think we're going out tonight.

Today has been a very long day.  Ian and I are both approximately half way through our report cards (after working on them for roughly 5 hours).  It is both tedious and incredibly difficult.  We don't have daily reports on our classes, so it is very difficult to judge a kid's performance over the past nine weeks when you've only seen him once a week.  I'm hoping next term we'll implement daily reports and give each student a score for the day.  On top of that, it's nearly impossible to write comments about a kids academic ability and motivation when you aren't sure about the level of English the parents speak. Maybe they don't speak any at all.  Who knows?

I was told by David that I should give "normally A's" and one of Ian's principles told him to "say mostly nice things."  Most of my have fallen into the B range (70-80% here) and most of Ian's students got A's (80-90% here).  Ian's better at complying than I am.  I tend to do things however I want to and I know that's part of the reason I have more difficulty with Julia.

We have the other half to do tomorrow and we need to clean our apartment.  Hopefully, I'll manage to get up relatively early.  We've been so exhausted lately.  Ideally, I'd like our tomorrow to look like this:
-Get up
-Put in Laundry and clean up the apartment
-Study Korean
-Finish Report Cards
-Spend the afternoon/ evening at Uirimji

I have no idea if that will actually happen.  These report cards are surprisingly killer.

I'll tell you about tonight in tomorrow's post.  Have a fabulous weekend!  Good night!

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