Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, Monday

I never used to have a problem with Mondays.  But, here, I find them difficult to endure.  Every week I feel as though I am starting over.  It's a crummy feeling, but I'm sure it will eventually go away.  I'm especially tired today and I'm worried that my body my be fighting off a virus again.  Kids + Korean social behavior are hard on my immune system, I think.  I'll just keep downing the little vitamin drinks.

On a humorous note, Ian used "I drink your milkshake!" as a tongue twister today.  He had them do it with the proper Daniel Day Lewis inflection and all.  I wish it was on tape.

Chun wha hasn't emailed me back about (the Korean-only website we want to use for cheap tickets to Japan).  She wasn't at work for very long today and she didn't talk to me about anything.  I think she might be blowing us off, so, we may not have her help.  We'll see what happens next.  Our Korean coworkers don't respond to emails in anything close to a timely manner and any time they don't want to deal with us they just tell us they don't understand.  It's a bit isolating.

We got notification of a package today.  We were going to run errands tomorrow anyway since we have a meeting with Julia at 11.  We'll be sending a test note home to see how long it takes to get there.

We won't be online for too long tomorrow morning, but our goal is to get up at 7 to deal with student loan business.  Good times.  I hope we can get at least some of it squared away.

Can anyone tell me where I can watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade online?  I'd like to stream it live from the EST time zone if possible.  I read somewhere that it is available, but I haven't had a lot of luck finding info.  Any help is appreciated.

 Wish us luck with our meeting tomorrow, she wants us there at 11, which usually means she feels she has a lot to say.  Good night!


  1. I'd give it a few days before worrying at Chun wha not wanting to help you out. She could have other things going on right now and just be busy and overwhelmed.

    Fingers crossed that the meeting with Julia goes better than you anticipate.

  2. Looks like this is the place that will be streaming the TDay parade:

    NBC is televising it, but not clear if they will live stream it.

  3. Hmmm, on my screen part of the url was cut off so let me break it over 2 lines:

  4. Judy- It has been several days, actually. She has a tendency to ignore me when communication is too difficult. And, we can't wait much longer to buy tickets.

    Peter- Thank you! That rocks.

  5. hope your student loan stuff went well. Hope the meeting with Julia goes ok. Peter you are a wealth of information, you rock.

    I would loved to have seen Ians Class . I could only imagine.