Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Thoughts from an Average Day

Getting up this morning was unusually difficult.  We didn't manage to get up until 9, and we had to do our lesson plans, so we didn't go running.  Again.  We'll try again tomorrow.

I brought Ian's laptop to school today because I don't have a computer at Ha So.  The Yoon's schools have wireless internet (I think most commercial buildings in Korea are wired), but the networks said that they were security enabled and that I needed to enter a password.  This greatly confused Julia and everyone who looked at my computer.  Apparently, closed networks are relatively unheard of here and no one has had to enter a password for the Yoon's internet.  I went to one of my classes and when I came back I had internet.  I figure that David (who Julia sent to figure out what I was talking about) managed to enter a password while I was in class.  However, I don't know if he set the computer to remember the network, so I may have the same problem on Monday.  Most of the Koreans Ian and I know are not very good with technology, and even though Ian and I are getting better at reading Hangul, we do not have near enough vocabulary to fix the computers.

Ian's day was difficult.  His principle was printing all day, so Ian never got all of his materials for class.  He was left improvising.  When his documents finally did print, the printer had switched paper sizes and ruined several of them.  But, his principle was still printing, so there wasn't much he could do.

However, he did get a terrible piece of chewing gum.

It pretty much says "Wow."

Here's a photo of a random page of our new phone book:

We just found out that the channels we thought were pay-per-view are actually just parental locked.  So, we unlocked one with the code (0000) and found Big Love!

Yay!  Another taste of home.  It's a season three episode, so we're a little lost, but it's still great.

On another random side note, I saw a middle aged man chase a grey and white cat down the street tonight.  The kitty got away and hid, luckily.  I looked for the cat, but I couldn't find him/her.  At least they're good at hiding.

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous day.  Good night!


  1. Big Love, Yeah! Is this the season that is playing in the states? I can't remember which season we finished on net flicks.

    What was terrible about the gum? You did not say what it tasted like. Today is your Friday, I think, happy Friday.

  2. Ian said the gum was fruit flavored and it tasted awful. :)