Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Christmas Shopping

We stayed around the apartment for a good part of today.  We got to talk to Judy, Al, and Alena, so that was really nice.  Then we talked with my mom for a bit.  She got a new laptop at Staples' Black Friday craziness.  She was even interviewed on the radio.

We left to go running in the afternoon and Ian found this when he stepped outside:

 We don't know if this is normal for them or if it was just a really deep cleaning.

We also played around on the outdoor exercise equipment at the park.  Some of the stuff is pretty decent; Ian and I took advantage of some of it to work our arms and stretch out our backs.  After we finished our run we walked over to E-Mart to see what's going on over there.  The opening was delayed (we don't know until when), so we wanted to figure out why.  There is some other construction going on on the lot, but E-Mart itself looks finished.  They just need to stock it.  We're hoping that the other buildings they're constructing are going to be restaurants or outlet stores.  I've heard that the idea is to draw people here with shopping and job opportunities (like in Wonju), and we think that would be the best way to do it.

We came back to the apartment and showered and then left for downtown to do some Christmas shopping.  It hasn't been easy.  We know that some people are really interested in getting something "from Korea," but, to be honest, it's difficult to find "Korean" things that people might want and that are of good quality.  We're doing our best, but we're not finished yet.  Everything must be shipped by the end of this week, so it's a little stressful.  We're also having difficulty finding wrapping paper, so I apologize in advance if your gift comes wrapped in Korean newspaper.

We decided to try the 'Yogurberry' place while we were downtown:

The yogurt was pretty good, but we accidentally ordered a drink which neither of us wanted.

We also did some grocery shopping at Lotte Mart while we were out.  When we went to get our cart and elderly couple was having difficulty figuring out how to unlock theirs.  Ian handed them a 'dime' thinking they didn't have a coin to put in, but the lady gave it back to me, so I showed them how to push it into the lock.  We think the Universe may soon come to an end since we Migukins showed a couple of Hangukins how to do something in Korea.  It felt good to know something, even as small as it was.  Then, while we were in Lotte Mart, we were Rick Rolled.  Well, I guess it wasn't technically a Rick Rolling, but we certainly weren't expecting to hear the song in Lotte Mart, but we did.  I also found something else I didn't expect:

Tea for babies is just not a priority for Westerners.

Well, it's another night of popcorn and Dexter for us.  Good night!


  1. Tea for babies, eh? Hope it's a caffeine-free kind!

    Actually, we're not expecting you to even send us Christmas gifts but, if you do, I would prefer them wrapped in Korean newspaper. It would be interesting to see one.

    I forgot to remind Al to tell Ian that he ran into a bunch of his classmates on Thanksgiving Eve when he went out for a beer with his brother, Steve, and nephew, JW. I'm not sure who all he talked to and if he heard any interesting news but they were surprised Ian was in Korea.

  2. Hey, wrapping in Korean newspaper would be pretty cool AND better for the environment. I mean, haven't you seen an Inconvenient Truth? ;)

  3. I too like the idea of Korean newspaper, so I guess you can pretty much stop looking for wrapping paper. I bet the tea is for toddlers upset tummies, and is Chamomile or something.

    Have a good rest of your weekend!