Sunday, November 8, 2009


We're done with our report cards!  It took us nearly all of our weekend, but we did it.  The blog title is a reference to how our students mispronounce the word "finished" and then proceed to yell it at us to get our attention.

We've been cooped up all day, so there isn't much to blog about (one reason I posted earlier today).  We're just going to chill out and watch movies and tv now.  But, there is one thing that I forgot to put in the other post.  While I was waiting for Ian to get back to the apartment complex, I played a few games on the claw machines outside the little grocery store on the corner.  I got quite a loot, actually, which included a can of dried corn nut like corn snacks (which I fed to drunk Ian), a gooey candy treat (which I ate), a bottle a lemon flavor packets for water, and this:

A giant lighter!  Just what we need.

Well, we're off to enjoy what's left of our weekend.  Good night!


  1. Oh my God, don't burn down the apartment. What would anyone need with a lighter that large? Does it throw a huge flame?
    Glad you met some new people, and had a great time. I had no idea you had so many students. That is a lot of report cards to grade. Did you give a few A's to please the power to be? Or did you give them what they deserved? By the way I love your strong will and moxie. (I think that is the correct word).
    Love you muchey! (get it)

  2. Ha. The flame is a little bigger than usual. We really have no use for it, but it's comical.

    It was too many report cards. It ate up our weekend. The other teachers do about 20 at any given time. I gave As to students who deserved it and I was lenient with some of the students, but I might still get chewed out. We'll see, because our meeting is in an hour.