Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Meeting

We had our meeting with Julia today.  When we arrived we were introduced to Julia's "favorite" friend, Jennifer.  She was there to translate.  Having never worked with a translator in the middle before, it was an interesting experience.  That said, the meeting went very well (Julia even provided us with a veggie pizza and cola lunch).  There aren't even any juicy details to share with you folks.  With the lines of communication opened, things went smoothly, and I feel like we understand Julia a little better now.  Granted, it is still too bad that Hagwons are more business and less school, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.  Julia is hiring the supervisor that Ian met (his name is escaping me, I think it starts with an 's'), which will probably be a really positive thing.  Also, I think we're going to be held more accountable for our lesson plans from the begining of the week, instead of being told that something's wrong after it's said and done.  So, it looks like things may move in a positive direction.  I'm glad because, though it's been a very rough start, I know Ian and I have improved and both of us would like to be good at this job.

The only unfortunate thing about the meeting was that having a stranger there inhibited us a bit.  We didn't feel like we could address much from our side, but I suppose we can't blame anyone else for that.

When I woke up on the bus home last night my glands were swollen.  I thought it was just the excessive heat on the bus, but they haven't gone down and I've been feeling a bit fluish ever since.  We still don't have a thermometer, so I have no idea if I actually have a fever or if I'm just worried that I do.  I've always had a good immune system (though I tend to get sick once every other winter), but Korea has really kicked my butt.  But, I've been keeping in good spirits by bundling up and watching a Dexter marathon with Ian.

The penguin socks Mom sent me are good for bundling.

Good night!


  1. Hey, send that Ian out to get a thermometer. If you haven't tried them, the ear-reading ones are quick (but are less accurate than the good old mercury ones). And, the digital ones might actually let you select C or F. [If not, 98.6 = 37C, and recall (9/5)x(degC) + 32 = degF.]

    BTW, of course 98.6 is totally bogus -- it's just because some French or German guy in the 19th century figured body temp had to be an integral number of degC, and 37 was the closest to what he measured on his inaccurate thermometers, which, btw were no doubt rectal. Everyone's usual body temp is usually lower, more like 98F, and gets lower as you get older. Meanwhile, everyone has been parroting the bogus 98.6 (i.e., 37C) for over a century.

    There, that make you feel better?

  2. Yes, please go get a thermometer. I wonder if your immune system is over active due to the illness you had, I think you were 18.The name escapes me, it had mono like symptoms. You might look it up again.
    And Peter is right on regarding the baseline temp. of 98.6
    Anyway, I hope you feel better. I worry

    Also I am glad the meeting went well. I would be interested in hearing about why you understand Julia more now. Sounds like a good thing

  3. I'm glad the meeting went better than anticipated. It would be great to hear more details when you're feeling better and up to writing more.

    I'm not surprised you're getting sick more often than usual between the stress and the exposure to different germs and bacteria. Maybe if things will start settling down with Julia, you'll have less stress and be less susceptible. Hope so.

    Cute socks!

  4. Yeah, I'll post more details when my head is less swimmy! But, I'm feeling a little better this afternoon.

    Mom- It was CMV, cytomononuclear virus or something like that. I'm awesome!

  5. Strike that- CMV stands for cytomegalovirus. Apparently most people in the world have antibodies for it, but almost no one shows symptoms upon initial infection. Again, I'm special. But, I don't know if it has any effect on my immune system now. I'll do some research.