Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Travel Books and Sushi

When we got back from the gym this morning, there was a package slip on our door.  So, Ian ran down to get it.

He was greeted with this.  It turns out that our Amazon.com box was simply inside the bag.  It was still perfectly taped closed, so I don't know why the bag was necessary.

Under all the packaging we found our travel books.  They got here a lot faster than we expected.  We're spending about a month in Europe right before we come home, so we wanted to be prepared.  While we're not hitting Spain again on this trip, I wanted a book to brush up on my skills, so that's what the Dummies guide is about.  Germany and France are on the list, so we are hoping to have some simple phrases and vocabulary under our belts so as not to make complete idiots of ourselves.  Then, of course, there are the absolute necessities.  Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door and Lonely Planet's Europe on a Shoestring are famous for a reason.  It feels good to plan ahead for such a big trip.

Of course, we are going to Cambodia and Thailand before that, but since it's a much shorter trip, all research will be done on the internet.  We'll start booking soon, I can't wait to hear what Mom recommends after her adventure there.  She's taking a cooking class that sounds totally rad.

We made sushi rice a couple of nights ago and had it with steamed and raw veggies.  So, we decided that we'd make some sushi rolls with the left overs.  They're pretty simple and the kim (seaweed/ nori) is uncooperative.  We will be purchaing a different kind next time.
 Inari (thin tofu stuffed with rice), kappa (cucumber rolls) and carrot rolls.


The kappa and carrot rolls (I don't remember their name).

Good night!

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  1. The Inari looks really good. I want the recipe. I am so excited for you to be traveling Europe and Thailand and Cambodia. Happy reading