Friday, March 26, 2010

The Good and the Bad

I have one of my favorite classes on Fridays.  I also have one my least favorite classes.  Fridays are full of ups and downs.

I got a lot of writing notebooks to grade today.  This is the last stack of the day (two others preceded it).  Each book has 2-4 entries.  I took them home because I don't actually have time on Fridays for all the extra work.  At least I'll have something to do on Tuesday now.

 This is 3/5 of my favorite class.  Gavin showed up late and apparently Kelly missed (or "threw" if you remember last week) the bus again and didn't make it.  From left to right it's Oscar, Asuley (Ashley) and Peggy.  Don't be alarmed, they're all happy, friendly kids.  Most Koreans don't smile in photos.  Actually, each kid is portraying a different Korean photo pose.  Oscar is exhibiting the blank stare, Asuley the V for Victory and Peggy the stoic clenched jaw.  They're not the best English students.  They don't do their homework.  But, they're obviously smart, they have good senses of humor and I adore them.

I didn't take any photos of my least favorite class because I was too busy screaming at them to sit down and listen.

Ian dealt with a bullying problem today.  One of the kids, Robert, in his Essential 1 class is about 4 years younger than all the other students.  Brody, another student in the class, really picks on him.  In fact, Ian was told to watch them because Robert's mom called Yoon's because she was concerned about it.  Today, Brody threw a plastic case of pencil lead at Robert and hit him in the head, which prompted Ian to drag Brody out of class by the shirt collar, plant him in front of David and tell him that Robert and Brody could no longer be in the same class.  David accepted that and later there was some sort of meeting outside of Ian's classroom.  Ian only saw a group of principles and other people with Brody through his window.  Hopefully, Robert can get some peace next week.

We're ready for the weekend.

Good night!

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  1. Your students look awesome and fun. That age group is fun.

    Looks like Bullying has no culture boundaries.

    Have a wonderful weekend!