Thursday, March 4, 2010

Package from Ian's Folks!

Ian's birthday package from his parents arrived today.  We were pretty stoked.

We were still sweaty from the gym, but we have a no waiting policy for packages.

Ian's first discovery: Lindt Truffles!  His favorite.  One of mine, too.

They shipped along Ian's present to himself: a lighter military jacket.  I dig it.

Belated Christmas gift.


The contents: Starbucks coffee, croutons, Lindt Truffles, 4 Godiva bars, Christmas ornament, mini zen garden, Desktop toy fish aquarium, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, an issue of The Avengers and some info on Karate katas that Al sent along for Ian.

The mini zen garden is set up on top of our t.v.

Thank you Al and Judy!

Good night.


  1. Looks like a great loot score. I love the zen garden. The package that was accidently sent here should arrive soon too! You guys better pace yourselves

  2. We are excellent at pacing ourselves. We have tons of candy and treats. We still have a chocolate orange from Christmas. We just eat little bits at a time, as we're counting calories. :) I'm stoked for Ian's present from me to finally come!

  3. Lol I helped with the Magazines!

  4. Totally asked Ian "Is this package from Al and Judy, or Alena, too?" Apparently he was wrong. Thank you! :)