Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Disapearing Act

Tuesdays are nice.  My classes don't start until 3:30; so I don't have to be to work until 2:30, an hour later than usual.  Yesterday at our meeting, Julia told me that my last class on Tuesdays was canceled as well.  So, now I only have four hours of class and I can leave an hour early.  

I also don't have a final class on Mondays this term, so I leave an hour early on that day, too.

I'm perfectly happy to spend less time at work (though I stayed 30 minutes after my last class helping Michelle with her kids tonight).  But, I'm a little concerned about the amount of students I'm losing.  Granted, they all just started a new school year and many of them have quit Yoon's simply because they're moving on to middle school and need more time for regular studies.  I still can't help but worry about what part my performance is having on enrollment.  We may not be in love with our jobs here, but we still want to do them well.  I work really hard on my classes, but as they get smaller it gets more difficult to make them fun and fulfilling for the kids.  It's tough to run a lesson plan on two students for 50 minutes.

I suspect, also, that the Goam change has taken its toll.  With all the resources and focus thrown at that campus, Haso and Sinback are just skating by.

Ian and I have never seen an advertisement for Yoon's aside from the signs on the campus buildings themselves (not in Jecheon, Busan, or even Seoul).  We see advertisements for GnB everywhere and I've even seen a couple for Wonderland and some less famous academies.  With tuition at Yoon's as expensive as it is, you'd think that they'd have more money for marketing.  Without marketing, how are they expecting to draw kids in?

Ian's schedule changed twice again today.  That makes about ten spontaneous changes in the last week.  I really hope this company gets it together, as Ian and I would go down with it if it sank.

Good night!

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