Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Korean Soft Drinks

By the way, yesterday's post was my 200th.  Man, time flies.

Ian brought home a couple of canned Korean soft drinks that we've been curious about.

"Birak Shikye" (Nostalgia Drink) and "McCol."  Just to clarify, I mean 'soft drink' as in nonalcoholic.  Most Korean canned beverages aren't carbonated.  Here's another random tidbit for you:  upon Googling the Shikye, I discovered that there's an entire blog dedicated to "drinks with chunks."  Enjoy.

I tried the McCol first.

Making sure it's not too odorous. 

The smell made me nervous to try it.

My instincts were right.

Ian's not too stoked about the scent either.

I think he put it best: "It's like flat Coke ass and burnt rice."

Next up: Nostalgia Drink.

No smell.

Oh my.

"It's hummingbird food."  It's pretty much water sweetened with sugar and rice.  There's rice in the bottom.  No thanks.

Congratulations. You just looked through a dozen photos of us drinking gross stuff.  Happy 201!

Good night.

1 comment:

  1. The looks on your faces tell the whole story. Looks horrible. I wonder what they would think about some of our canned drink choices? Hmm

    post #201, congratulations. You do a fabulous job bringing us into your life there in Jecheon. Keep up the great work.