Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Change of Scenery

We had a fun day today.  We got up and ran our Saturday 5k and when we got back there was notice of a package on our door.  I walked down and asked our building super if the package was here or at the post office.  At first he thought it was here, but it wasn't.  We had just missed the mailman, so he called him up and they turned around and brought me our package.  It was pretty darn convenient.  For me, at least.

Ian's birthday present from me.  Luckily, the straps adjust, so it gets longer.

Mom sent us chia seeds and some info on staying away from GMOs.  Thanks, Mom!
After the package excitement we ate lunch and hopped a bus for Wonju.  Ben and Amy were originally going to come with us, but she's come down with bronchitis, so they decided to stay home.  I hope she feels better soon.

We didn't do anything in Wonju that we couldn't do in Jecheon, but the change was nice.  We were hoping for lunch at Subway, but we never found it.  So, we had Mr. Pizza instead.  Their salad bar was much better than the one here.  More traditional salad options and better yogurt toppings.  It didn't turn out to be the healthiest day, but it was a good time.  We saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D at Lotte Cinema.  The popcorn was disappointing.  Same strange fake looking and tasting popcorn we have here in Jecheon.  And they only had regular soda.  But, the movie was enjoyable.  Not as deep or as stimulating as we were hoping, but fun and a decent look at Alice from a new standpoint.  I think the 3D (as it was an afterthought on Disney's part) was a little distracting for this film.  There's a lot to look at (it is Tim Burton, after all) and the 3D forces you to zero in on the foreground.  I think it's worth seeing on the big screen if only for the visual rhetoric.

 They didn't let us keep our glasses.

That's about all we did in Wonju.  We never even made it out to the outlet mall.  There is a cheap shop with cute women's stuff in it near the cinema which we may visit again.

Other than a morning trip to the market, we intend to be hermits tomorrow, living off apples and cherry tomatoes.

Good night!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie, how can you make popcorn taste bad? It's popcorn after all. They must use something really strange to season it. Or the fake butter is even worse than the states. How far is Wonju from Jecheon? Maybe I will go to the outlet mall while you guys are working one day.
    Get your fill of Westernized food, cuz when I get there it is all Korean , baby!

  2. Oh, and I love the apron! It is so you Ian! Adjust those straps, you look like a gentle giant!

  3. Wonju is about 45 minutes by bus or train and tickets are really cheap. You could definitely go while we're at work. I don't know how to explain the popcorn. It's texture isn't very good, there isn't enough salt and whatever oil they use doesn't give it that good flavor that you expect. Also, it's never fresh. They keep it in the boxes under the counter. Don't worry, we know you'll want your fill of Korean food while you're here. We're ready.

  4. when you make your chia seeds into gel, you may want to make half of the recipe, remember the site I gave you that gives you ways to use them? And if you have juice or something that is good to use instead of water also. You can mix the gel in your yogurt or anything thick like that also. It reminds me of a cross between Jello and tapioca pudding, consistency wise. The gel itself does not have any taste.