Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Weather, Spicy Lunch

The lovely weather we had yesterday continued today, as well.  This sunny, spring weather is a little bittersweet, as we spend most of our daylight hours inside.  In college we were at least walking from building to building, enjoying the sun between classes.  But, with full time employment often comes an indoor lifestyle.  In Korea this is especially true.  Indoor life starts with elementary aged kids.  Did you know that the reason so many Korean children wear glasses is because they don't get enough sunlight?  (source)

We had an excellent bibimbap lunch today at Kimbap Heaven today.  Fresh vegetables are looking better (in restaurants and in shops) every week.  The banchan (side dishes) were a little different today, probably due to the changing seasons.  There were the usual radishes and kimchi, but they also gave us fishcakes (which we obviously didn't touch) and a seaweed stem and cucumber salad (which we devoured).  So good Ian picked up seaweed stems at the store tonight for dinner.  We've started including banchan like side dishes with many of our meals.  They're very healthy, flavorful and they help us keep our meals well rounded.

My run was incredibly difficult today.  Walking for three and a half hours yesterday definitely took it's toll and I was very sore.  I've moved up to running 5k on weekdays (I was running two miles on weekdays and 5k on Saturdays), so that added difficulty, as well.  But, I am pleased to report that I lost two and a half pounds this week (2.42 to be exact).  It's always so reaffirming to have a good weigh-in.  We put an amazing amount of energy into our diet and exercise regime.  Ian, however, had an excellent run and still lost about two and a half pounds.  A good week for our waistlines, indeed.

Dinner!  The "nuggets" are a little weird.

Good night!

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  1. Lunch sounds great. I would love to try some of the banchan. I need to find a Asian market !

    Good job on your healthy lifestyle. You guys are a inspiration.