Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hoofing It

Our gym is closed on Sundays, so we use it as our day off.  How do we usually spend our days off from running?  Walking several miles all around town.  Why?  Because we're clinically insane.

Well, not really.  We walk on Sundays to explore our surroundings as we run our errands.  It'd be a shame to live here for a whole year and miss something because we were always in a cab or on a bus.  The weather was amazing today.  Clear blue skies, very little wind and warm temperatures.

It's spring! We saw this pretty moth having a sunbath.  Then we had to run from it because as it flew it kept diving in front of us and we were worried we would step on it.

I think this is a Great Blue Heron.  I can't really tell the difference between a heron and a crane, but after some Googling, I found out that cranes stay in flocks and herons are commonly seen alone in streams foraging.

Ian wanted me to cross this, but I told him my legs were too short.

We spotted this pagoda as we were walking down a side road.

It turned out to be a National Treasure, the Jangrak Seven Story Pagoda built in the Unified Silla period.  It's next to a Buddhist temple, but it was closed up and the English on the plaques was too broken and vague to really let us know what we were seeing.  But, it was a very special random find.

All that remains of the ancient temple buildings (there were three plots like this).

Downtown.  I don't even know if the powerline worker is attached to a safety rope.  They didn't even stop traffic.

After walking all over the city (about 3 and a half hours) we stopped in for a movie at TTC.  We hadn't even heard of it and we weren't even completely sure it'd be in English, but we took a chance.  It was called Solomon Kane.  I wasn't very impressed with it, though that is probably because I demand a lot from an action/adventure film, since it's not my choice genre.  The plot is based on a pulp magazine character from the twenties: a Puritan man who tries to find the right path after learning that his soul is damned.  It's holding steady at 81% on, so if dark and action packed is your bag, you may want to check it out (I believe it opened in the USA back in November).

After the movie, we ran to E-Mart.

My vegetable expertise tells me that this is not, in fact, lettuce.

I saw on the Alien's Day Out blog that she had found some soy-meat products at E-Mart.  So, we took a look and found them!  These are the "High Protein Soy Bean Cutlets," we also got "Sweet and Sour Soybeans."  We're still trying to eat as little processed food as possible, but these will give us a little more variety.

Good night!

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  1. Good call on NOT crossing the broken dam!

    I think those were lettuce roots, but not sure.

    Nice find on the processed soy product!
    Yes that was sarcasm. But you are right, it ok once and a while, and gives you variety. I am just being me.