Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad News in Broken English

It was a bit of a strange day at Haso.  When I got to work, Chun wha was not there.  Instead, there was another woman in her office.  I recognized her because she used to work at Sinback when I first started and she's floated around Yoon's doing different jobs.  I don't know her name, though and she doesn't speak any English.  I figured that Chun wha was either doing something else for Julia today or that she had taken a much needed vacation.  I went about my day as usual with the substitute principle loudly calling students names to make them put their (unnecessary) name tags on and occasionally interrupting my classes to give students their new books for next week.  Chun wha speaks English and so we talk a little throughout the day.  It was oddly alienating having someone else in her place.

At the end of the day I found out from Eun wha (the teacher that gives me a ride home) that Chun wha and her husband (whose actual name is Chang su, by the way) were in a car accident this morning in the Goam neighborhood.  Apparently they are doing alright, but they are still in the hospital.  Chang su hit his head on the windshield and has been in and out of conciousness.  I don't know if there are any other serious injuries or exactly what his condition is.  It's difficult to get concise and accurate answers through a language barrier.

So, my thoughts are with them this evening.  I work at Haso again tomorrow, so I hope to hear that everyone is recovering well.  I'll keep you posted.

Good night!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that, I feel like I know them to a certain degree. You should try to find out what hospital they are in and maybe visit. That would probably touch them deeply.
    I will send positive energy their way.

    Keep us posted.