Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sunday marked six months for us in Korea.  It feels good to know that, now, with each month passing, we'll have been here longer than our remaining time here.  For the most part, it's been an awesome adventure so far, but we're tired of being stuck.  We want to travel!

Mom is coming at the end of April/ beginning of May and we have big plans for her time here.  We will use her first weekend here to go tour the DMZ, stay the night in Seoul and then explore the city the next day.  With our requested time off, we'll have five days free for travelling with her toward the end of our stay.  So, we'll head down to Busan and then fly over to Jeju-do, because Mom really wants to see it.  I'm really excited for her visit.  It will be so nice to have someone to show everything.

Ian and I will be using our summer vacation to travel around SE Asia.  We'll be finalizing plans with our next paycheck, but Cambodia and Thailand are high on our priority list.

Finally, we'll be using our completion bonuses to travel Central and Western Europe (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France, the UK, etc.) before we come home.  We'll spend close to four weeks doing that.

As for final plans, we'll be looking for work and housing in Portland, mainly.

I know I've posted several run downs of travel plans in the past, but it's ever evolving, so I thought I'd update.

To showcase our 50% mark here are some photo memories and thoughts from the past six months.

Peppers drying out in the street.  I'm sure we'll see more of this when it warms up again.

My first taste of soju.  I'm still not a big fan, but I think it's an important thing to try here.

Random Buddha not far from our apartment.  It's just stuck between some houses.

The white crane in the irrigation creek.

Epic trip around Jecheon and it's surrounding areas (this is in the caves in Danyang).  We still don't know some of the places we went.

Ian tried to make cheese.

Trips to major cities still revolve around Starbucks.

This is my favorite picture of Seoul.

Ian in trouble with the ajuma (old woman).  Usually, it's me in trouble.

Halloween punk rock show in Seoul.

Makeshift and delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Tokyo Disneyland:
Drinking corn soup from a cup.

Going crazy in the longest lines we've ever been in.  I have folders of photos of us entertaining ourselves.  We also played a game where you imagine whatever word you say ends up in the pockets of the people around you.  You try to one up your partner.  Example: Me: "Peanut butter." Ian: "Kimchi."  It wasn't all food, though.

LotteWorld.  Not exactly worth the trip.  But, it waws really nice to meet Asia.

New friends!

Partying with strangers/ hostelmates in Busan.

We eat weird stuff now.

Good night!

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  1. You two will have a awesome summer full of travel. you are becoming real world travelers. I am so excited for my trip, and to be emmersed in another culture is what I will strive for. Love the photos. "Happy 6 months in Korea"