Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pizza with Ben

Ian and I met Ben at Mr. Pizza for lunch today.  Amy has gone home for two months to be with her mom and we promised to make sure he was well fed and contented.

The pizza in Korea is really terrible, actually.  But, Ian and I have forgotten what it should taste like and now crave the flavorless, fake cheese pizza approximation that Korea offers.  If you put in the fridge over night and then throw some salt (and hot sauce for me) on it, it starts tasting a little more like the cheapest pizza one could find in America.  But, we take what we can get.  At least Mr. Pizza has a salad bar.  Granted, the selection is mostly iceberg lettuce, soggy fruit and some strange Korean side dishes (sweet pickles with your potato and corn pizza, anyone?), but it's nice to eat some vegetables with the carb and fat feast.  All of this aside, we will be Mr. Pizza patrons until we leave.

After the pizza, we saw the Matt Damon flick, Green Zone.  It was one of the better films we've seen in Korea.  The editing (short cuts and a lot of sharp tracking and zooming, not quite handy cam, but enough movement to make you feel the tension) was used pretty effectively within the plot (I'll let you look it up if you're curious).  I haven't seen the Bourne films, but many critics are comparing this piece with them.  I don't think it's as scandalized or contraversial as the filmmakers are hoping, however.  It didn't exactly blow my mind open with its conspiracy theory, but it was thought provoking.

Tomorrow we are heading to E-Mart and downtown for errands.  I'll try to find something interesting to photograph.

Good night!

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend, spending mine paying bills, doing taxes, and schedules :(

    Is the weather starting to warm up, and are things in bloom . they sure are here!