Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ian and I went to Wonju with SJ, Haley, Liz and Kate today.  The girls needed some winter and running gear and Ian and I tagged along.  I got a sweatshirt and a pullover for layering to help me through the winter.  I think it'll be the coldest one I've ever faced.  I still need gloves and another hat.  I may want to get more socks, too.  Mom is sending me my Westbeach jacket, so that'll be awesome.

Wonju is about a 40 minute bus ride from Jecheon.  It turns out that we were picked up in Wonju when we arrived from the airport bus when we got to Korea.  It's not a whole lot bigger than Jecheon, though I think it has a bit more money.  There's more shopping and there's an outlet mall.  Also, there's E-Mart.  E-Mart is the best of all the marts so far, but still no tortillas or processed soy products.  We're crossing our fingers on Costco for those.

The top half of E-Mart is kind of a hodgepodge (this is where I got my sweatshirt and pull over).  It vaguely reminded me of a very large Fred Meyer or Super Target.  Down a floor was the grocery store (the closest thing in looks to an American supermarket that we've seen so far).  There was also a food court which included a very popular McDonald's.

Rob told me to try to take a picture of three American things that I hadn't seen before.  I did my best, but it was surprisingly difficult.  The outlet stores included brands like Nike, Adidas, Columbia, and Mountain Hard Gear.  Adventure clothes are huge in Korea.  All the shopping did get me excited for winter sports, though.  Lots of skiing and boarding around here.  Also, I guess there's a winter resort in Danyang that has hot spas and things.  That could be fun.

The supermarket floor with the McDonald's seating in the foreground.

A blurry photo of the Micky D's counter.  Look over it quickly and it looks like America, then look harder and look at the Hangul (Korean).  Ordering McFlurry's proved surprisingly difficult.  Also, they make a ton of food and let it sit.  It seems that Koreans don't like to wait for their McDonald's.  You should have seen how many people were cranked through that line. (American item #1)

Calorie feast!

Oreo McFlurries are worth the effort.

The supermarket had "I can't Believe it's not Butter!"  In Korea I'd expect to see something more like "I Can't Believe it's Not Cheese!" (American item #2)

We found dill pickles!  We are so happy.  Neither of us like sweet pickles at all. ("American" item #3)

An Adidas sweatshirt on the sale rack.  I don't understand "Adidasler."  It's like a verb turned noun, but not quite...

Some good old fashioned Engrish on a sign at the outlets: "To satisfy yourself with good choice, Coming good day, visit premium outlet, Get your good brands, Come, feel and experience, Premium outlet all each and every season."

I found this at HomeMart when we went grocery shopping tonight.  It's just a single frozen ear of corn.  They were in with the icecream.

I'm finding it easier to remember Korean words and read parts of the Hangul alphabet lately.  I think a lot of the shock has worn off.  Haley takes a Korean class, but it's at 8pm, so we wouldn't make it.  She's going to ask them if there's another at a later time.  I asked Chun wha if there was somewhere we could take a class via email.  She emailed me back and offered to tutor us in her home.  Apparently she has textbooks and everything.  Considering how much we love her family, I think that's an offer too good to pass up.  I'll keep you posted.  I'd love to take a class AND be tutored.

Off to eat dinner.  Enjoy the end of your weekend!


  1. Sounds like a fun time was had by all. I too think of corn on the cob as a treat!

    Hope you take Chun Wha up on her offer, I like those people. I am glad they are there for you.

    Love the Engrish!

  2. Well, I'm not so keen on dill pickles but, Oreo McFlurries....yummmmmm. Sounds like a good day with good friends. I think taking Korean from Chun Wha sounds like a great idea. Can't wait to hear you both gab in Korean. Does Ian need us to send him some cold-weather gear?