Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"It's Swine Flu Day"

The fear of Swine Flu is in full tilt here in Jecheon.  I can't find any stats regarding how many cases are in the city (or even the country), but some of the other teachers have mentioned their students being diagnosed with it.  Iris and Michelle were periodically wearing masks today as were some of my students.  Michelle went around spraying hand sanitizer into the air.  On top of that, in my last class today, having asked them the date, one student replied "It's Swine Flu day."

After work Ian and I met to go to HomeMart and pick up some groceries.

We found a mix for pizza crust (that says it can be made on the stove top [we'll see]).  So, we needed pizza sauce.  It comes in a squeeze bottle.  How convenient!

I know I've mentioned the canned meat, but I don't think I've shown you a picture of just how much is here.  Remember, this is a small store.

Tomorrow Ian and I are meeting downtown after work to pick up some stuff for our Halloween costumes.  There are several parties in Seoul to choose from, so Ian and I wanted pretty simple costumes.  Ian is going to dress in a nice shirt and a big name tag and be a Wheel of Fortune contestant.  I'm going to put on kitty ears and a mask and be a cat burglar.  I've been a cat burglar before, but I'm in Korea, so I figured it doesn't matter.  I'm glad that we both have costumes that allow us to wear mostly normal clothing.  I'll definitely let you in on our Halloween Seoul itinerary when we figure it out.

We're settling in to watch Heroes.  I hope you all have an excellent day.


  1. Tell us how the pizza crust turns out. It is quite intriguing.
    And Ian's costume idea is genius. Dominic and I figured out that there is no way we could afford the wigs to be The White Stripes so Dominic is going to be static cling and I am going to be a doll (in a hand made yarn wig.) We'll see how they turn out!

  2. I know how you feel. Halloween stuff is even more expensive here. I bet your costumes will be amazing. I can't wait to see pictures!