Monday, October 19, 2009

Do your parents feed you?

I asked Ian if anything interesting happened to him today and this is what he had to say,"You know that kid who tore out a sheet of paper a while ago and ate it?  Today I only gave him one sticker because he was being a little shit.  Well, he ate that, too."

My day was uneventful, but generally terrible.  My classes went well and the kids behaved, but I felt half dead all day.  My voice would disappear on a whim and one or two times I found myself spacing out.  I did start to feel a little better with the momentum of the day, but as soon as classes were over it all came crashing back.  I'm exhausted.  I know that if I feel the same way tomorrow morning that I should call in sick, but I'm not sure it's worth the hassle.  Unless we want our pay docked, we have to have a doctor's note.  And even with a note, we're only allowed three sick days.  Being sick in a foreign country with a foreign job sucks.

Tomorrow we are going to the post office to pick up whatever Erin sent us and to buy stamps and envelopes.  I'm stoked.

As soon as we feel better, we really need to clean the apartment.  It's pretty gross, since both of us have been feeling so crummy.

Yesterday was Chun wha's birthday.  She told me this when she led me into a somewhat hidden back closet and fed me rice today.  The closet part was a bit odd, but it was nice because she told me not to worry about the time and let me start one of my classes almost ten minutes late.  She and her family went to Danyang and checked out the pampas grass fields near Namhan River to celebrate.  Their pictures were really cute.  She got a new phone (I don't know if it was for her birthday or not).  The cell phone technology here is pretty cool.  Even "basic" phones have nice cameras and they come with all sorts of extras like TV and games.  Chun wha's new phone has a motion sensor in it.  So, she can scroll through pictures and things just by rocking it back and forth.

Well, I hope everyone's work week starts out fabulously!  Good night!

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  1. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Hope Ian is feeling better. And hope that kid gets a few good meals under his belt!