Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking at Tomorrow

I had a good day today, mostly because I am so excited for tomorrow.  The only unfortunate thing is that Ian is sick.  Hopefully, he feels alright tomorrow.  I don't want him to feel crappy on our first outing.

Since Ian is sick and we're getting up ungodly early (our bus is at 6:40am), we're staying in tonight.  It's kind of a bummer because we like hanging our with the other teachers.  We might go out with them when we get back tomorrow.  That means that the tomorrow's post might be later than usual.  I don't want to write a half-assed post at 3 in the morning, so, if we go out, the post will wait until I get up.  If you don't wake up to a blog on your Saturday morning, don't be alarmed (because I know you all immediately run to the blog), there will be a rocking blog later in the day.  There might even be two, because Costco might require it's own blog.

Tomorrow's itinerary looks a little like this:

We'll get into Seoul a little before 10am.  We fully intend to find a Starbucks and facilitate our breakfast needs there.  Then we're off to Namdaemun Market/  Namdaemun Gate.   There we'll check out the historical sites and then hit up the shops and street vendors for possible Christmas shopping.  Near the market is Namsan Park.  I thought that it might be a good place to get a good view of Seoul in Fall.  One of the most popular attractions in Seoul is Gyeongbok Palace.  It's an important historical site, so I thought it'd better be on the list of first things to see.  The last place on our list of sights for tomorrow is Cheonggyecheon Stream.  It's supposed to be a really serene place to walk and relax.  After the sightseeing we are headed to Costco (the Yangjae one) to stock up on some harder to find things.  We're hoping for tortillas, good cheese, salsa, granola bars, frozen soy products and other American convenience type foods.  I'm hoping there will be some vegetarian sushi and kimchi.

Speaking of food, we're really excited for eating tomorrow.  I found lots of vegan and vegetarian restaurants online.  The one we'll probably hit up is a vegan Korean buffet.  It will be awesome to eat all the Korean standards without desperately communicating "no meat."  Among the strictly vegetarian options there is a Korean/ International fast food place, so if we're pressed for time we might go there.  I also found a couple of Mexican restaurants.  "The Daily Kimchi" blog recommends Dos Tacos and their menu has several veggie options, so I think we might have dinner there.

Well, off to bed to prepare for early rising!


  1. If I have the time difference down, I think you are waking up in a few hours for your adventure in Soeul! I hope you have a fantastic time and eat vegetarian food to your heart's content! I also hope that you are feeling better by morning, Ian.

    We are heading up to my mom's for her birthday so maybe with the faster internet connection we can chat on skype to hear all about your day trip!

  2. That would be awesome! Maybe our Sunday morning (your Saturday evening)?

  3. The market is very cool. But seeing dogs in cages to be butchered and eaten bugged. I wanted to set them free. Hope you don't have to see any of that. Enjoy your day and hope Ian is feeling better.